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RE: Help needed on how to resolve a circular dependency.

From: Dale Visser
Subject: RE: Help needed on how to resolve a circular dependency.
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 2013 13:04:03 -0500

I’ve looked at it further this morning. A possible solution I can see on my
own is dropping in the the AC_*FLAGS_WARN_ALL as replacing the old
AC_PROG_* macros, and renaming the old macros to AC_PROG_*_OLD/CLASSIC. The
AC_PROG_* macros each have their own sets of parameters (enabling
specification of an an unknown compiler, and dialect in the case of
Fortran). Because of this, it is quite possible my proposed change would
break peoples’ builds.

What is the stance in autoconf on "API-Breaking" changes like this?

>From what I can see so far, it will be quite difficult to break this
circular dependency. Sure, I could provide AC_PROG_CC_WARN_ALL separate
from AC_PROG_CC, for instance, but the goal is to turn on warnings for all
projects using autoconf, and make it easy for them to dial back or turn off
the warnings with a small change to their files.

Best regards,
Dale Visser

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