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Re: Using @bindir@ etc. in C headers

From: Florian Weimer
Subject: Re: Using @bindir@ etc. in C headers
Date: Fri, 05 Jun 2020 19:55:59 +0200
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* Nick Bowler:

> On 05/06/2020, Florian Weimer <> wrote:
>> * Nick Bowler:
>>>> It would like to get config.status expansion going, among other things.
>>>> It's nice to consolidate these things in a single place, and avoid
>>>> scattering such constructs and several places.
>>>> What do you think about this?
>>> Autoconf is to be used as part of build systems that comply with the GNU
>>> coding standards and these standards say that the user can set prefix
>>> etc.
>>> on either the make command line or the configure command line.
>>> In other words, the following should produce a working installation
>>> (assuming a clean build):
>>>   ./configure
>>>   make prefix=/some/where install
>>> Substituting installation directories into C source files at configure
>>> time is probably not going to work in this case.  This is why the manual
>>> recommends using make rules to do it.
>> For the install target, the prefix= setting should not trigger
>> recompilation and thus does not affect what gets baked into binaries.
>> Instead, it should only affect installed paths.  The config.status
>> approach makes it more likely that this happens.
> Hence why I stated the assumption of a clean build where the "install"
> target will also build the package, since I didn't want to worry about
> this detail in a simple example.
>> I can't find a reference that you should be able to specify prefix= on
>> the make command line for a non-install target.
> GCS 7.2.5 "Variables for Installation Directories"[1]
>   Installers are expected to override these values when calling
>   make (e.g., make prefix=/usr install) or configure (e.g., configure
>   --prefix=/usr).
> [1]

I'm not convinced that this covers that particular corner case (build at
install time using a prefix setting that is different from configure


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