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[bug#59991] [PATCH 0/2] Port tests to modern C

From: Karl Berry
Subject: [bug#59991] [PATCH 0/2] Port tests to modern C
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2022 15:57:28 -0700

    There is ongoing work from both GCC and Clang community to set the
    C99 standard as the default one, 

Sounds inevitable.

    in an effort to improve security overall.

How does C99 improve security? Just wondering.

    failures in Automake, that are attempted to be fixed, mainly in this

Thanks for all that work. Unfortunately there is no chance I will be
able to look at it any time soon. I doubt Jim has any time available,
either, though I'd be glad to be wrong.

Zack, would you like be co-maintainer or at least co-developer of
Automake? There is, evidently, no one else in the world interested in
being actively involved with Automake on the maintainer side.

    Another patch dedicated to Flex related tests will follow.

Just wondering again, is an upstream flex still actively maintained by
anyone, anywhere?  Looks like was touched
6 months ago, so that's good, but there hasn't been a release for over
five years.


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