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[bug#59991] [PATCH 0/2] Port tests to modern C

From: Sam James
Subject: [bug#59991] [PATCH 0/2] Port tests to modern C
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2022 23:05:56 +0000

> On 12 Dec 2022, at 22:57, Karl Berry <> wrote:
>    Another patch dedicated to Flex related tests will follow.
> Just wondering again, is an upstream flex still actively maintained by
> anyone, anywhere?  Looks like was touched
> 6 months ago, so that's good, but there hasn't been a release for over
> five years.

I've started investigating using reflex 
for this reason.

There's a long story with how flex broke with glibc-2.26/2.27 or so with 
and implicit function declarations and there hasn't been a release to fix that 
so all distros have to backport a bunch of patches to fix it:

Note that some of these affect the generated programs. It's possible that some
of these might actually make the automake patch obsolete, although given there's
no flex release definitely on the horizon, it's probably worth at least working 
it in automake.

See also:


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