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Automake Real Millenium Beta

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Automake Real Millenium Beta
Date: 23 Dec 2000 14:55:18 -0700

I think the real start of the new millenium deserves a new Automake as

To that end, I've updated the automake version to 1.4b and put a
release up.  The cvs automake is now `1.4c'.

There are plenty of bugs left, I'm sure.  Some known issues:

* The documentation is not nearly up to date

* There are several bugs that haven't been fixed.  For instance, the
  new dependency tracking code probably won't work with BSD make.  I
  don't have a BSD box for testing :-(

* There are some patches I haven't yet looked at.

Still, please try this version out and send email to the list if you
have problems.

Chances are good that the next major automake release will be my last
one.  Over the last couple of years my interest in automake has been
waning.  I would like to find a new maintainer, and limit my
participation in development to an advisory role.

Here's the tarball:

This ftp site is heavily throttled, so it might make sense to either
use cvs or to wait until the mirrors pick it up.  Here is a list of


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