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Re: More an autopackage

From: Michael Sweet
Subject: Re: More an autopackage
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 08:26:53 -0500

"Derek R. Price" wrote:
> ...
> Due to security concerns, you're obviously never going to be able
> to install files owned by root without root privledges, but are
> you really telling me that these systems require you to _build_
> packages as root?

For all practical purposes, yes.

For Debian, the ownerships and permissions come from the source
file; you can't tell dpkg to make all files owned by root:root,

For HP-UX, the package files are actually created by a daemon
process that runs as root (sigh...); you can tell the daemon to
allow non-root users to create packages in certain directories
(at least the default is restricted...), but the files that the
daemon creates are owned by and readable only by root.  It's kinda
hard to tar your software depot at that point... :)

> If so, how hard would it be to tweak the output files?
>     ( sed s/filename:dprice:dprice/filename:root:root/ <package
> >newpackage )

Sadly, it isn't that easy...

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Printing Software for UNIX             

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