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FYI: branch made

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: FYI: branch made
Date: 11 Aug 2001 16:40:19 -0600

I've made the 1.5 branch.  It is called `branch-real-1-5' and the
branch point is tagged `branchpoint-real-1-5'.  The `real' is there
because a long time ago I optimistically made a branch-1-5 and I
didn't want to delete or move the tag.

I've renamed the trunk `1.4s'.  This is high enough, I hope, that we
won't run into it.  Once 1.5 is out we can rename the trunk to `1.5a'
or something like that.

I'm releasing 1.4l off the 1.5 branch right now.

Here is how I think we should handle the branch:

* Bug fixes that go on the 1.5 branch should also be checked in on the
  trunk at the same time.

* Once the time comes for the 1.5 release, I will remove the XFAIL
  tests from the branch.  These tests have an important role, but I
  think including them in a real release will just cause confusion.

* After 1.5 we'll consider releasing 1.5.1, 1.5.2, etc, as needed, off
  the branch.  These releases will fix whatever bugs are reported
  against 1.5.  The idea is to never again have a multi-year delay
  between releases, especially when there are known bugs.  So we'll do
  as many releases from this branch as required.  These can be
  frequent; I think Gary's model with the 1.4-p* releases is a good
  one to follow.

* On the trunk we can immediately start work that is too intrusive for
  inclusion in the 1.5 series.  I think it would make sense to talk
  about how we will decide when it is time for 1.6.
  For 1.5 we did this by choosing certain features we wanted.
  However, I think we (meaning me, sigh) chose too many things.
  Maybe it would be better to move to a regular release schedule.
  For instance we could do a major release every 4 or 6 months.


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