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Re: Bug with darwin and automake(aclocal)

From: Tom Tromey
Subject: Re: Bug with darwin and automake(aclocal)
Date: 22 Aug 2001 23:02:49 -0600

>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Lindahl <address@hidden> writes:

Erik> I've partially tracked to problem to the point where
Erik> I can repeat it on a normal box. The problem is that
Erik> OS X uses zsh as /bin/sh. If you make a link so /bin/sh
Erik> points to zsh you will get sed errors from the config.status
Erik> script, even when configuring e.g. automake-1.4l.

Thanks.  Could you tell me what the errors are?
Do you have a minimal example of how to produce the problem?
Or any example at all?

Actually, I don't need to see the examples.  I don't have a Darwin
box.  So I can't possibly find this bug.  Could you find it?
One way would be to run config.status with `sh -x' and then see
exactly what fails.


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