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Re: Bug with darwin and automake(aclocal)

From: Erik Lindahl
Subject: Re: Bug with darwin and automake(aclocal)
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 10:14:01 +0200 (CEST)

On 22 Aug 2001, Tom Tromey wrote:

Hi Tom,

> Thanks.  Could you tell me what the errors are?
> Do you have a minimal example of how to produce the problem?
> Or any example at all?

Yes, sorry about that - the problem is that neither I
have a Darwin box, so it was somewhat difficult for me
to check it ;-)

Anyway, here's how to reproduce it on a normal system:

1. Install zsh
2. configure e.g. automake-1.4l with

   /usr/bin/zsh ./configure

Of course you wouldn't do this on a normal unix, but darwin
uses zsh for /bin/sh.

The errors appears when you try to execute config.status -
you get a lot of sed errors from the lines where autoconf
@address@hidden I'm not 100% sure this is automake's fault, but it
only happens when you include AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE in

It's not really a bug either; the problem is that zsh returns
the name of the new directory when you execute 'cd'. Thus,
instead of

address@hidden@%${SHELL} /tmp/automake-1.4l/lib/missing --run autoconf%g

the sed command config.status is written as:

address@hidden@%${SHELL} /tmp/automake-1.4l/lib
/tmp/automake-1.4l/lib/missing --run autoconf%g

which is obviously wrong.

I *think this can be fixed without breaking anything else by
changing all statements like

`CDPATH=:; cd $somedir && pwd`


`CDPATH=:; cd $somedir > /dev/null && pwd`

At least it works both on bsh,bash and zsh...

The statements I've found are on line 36 in init.m4, line 43 in
auxdir.m4 and line 21 in missing.m4 (all in the m4 subdir).



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