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Re: canonical

From: Tim Van Holder
Subject: Re: canonical
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 09:36:50 +0200

> I really like the file that comes with most GNOME 
> programs, and
> steal it for many of my own programs.  This sort of thing is 
> quite useful
> for people using tools like automake and autoconf.
> Has there been any consideration of putting together a
> "standard" script and including it with automake?

Not really possible.
An autogen script is supposed to run automake, autoconf,
libtoolize etc where needed.  But 'where needed' is very
project-dependent.  For example, usually 'aclocal -I m4' is
correct, but not all packages use (or even have) an 'm4'
Similarly, libtoolize must only be run if a package uses
libtool, and autoconf in all dirs with a  These
two could be automated though (grep A[MC]_PROG_LIBTOOL and find

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