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From: Matthew R. MacIntyre
Subject: for java example?
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2001 10:50:01 -0400
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I'm hoping someone could give me an example of how to build java
sources into binaries with gcj and gcj.  I've read the automake
manual, and it has been helpful in getting me as far as I am now, but
I can't seem to put it all together.  I'm using automake from cvs from
about a week ago.

I have the AM_PROG_GCJ in the, and no problems there.
I'm trying to do the whole project in a single top-level
Here's the relevant parts of what I have:

bin_JAVA = jhanoi

jhanoi_SOURCES = src/ src/ \
                        src/ src/ src/ \
                        src/ src/ \

With this combination, I get:

Running automake --gnu   ... invalid variable `jhanoi_JAVA' invalid variable `jhanoi_JAVA'

I've tried all kinds of combinations using JAVA, PROGRAMS, and SOURCES
as primaries, but can't figure it out.  Can someone help me get this
right?  I've been searching various list archives, and I can't find
anything very recent about this, and I know that the gcj stuff has
progressed considerably in the past year or so.  

Once I get this figured out, I'll send in a patch for the
documentation to clarify how its done these days.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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