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LIBOBJS and *.Po

From: Harlan Stenn
Subject: LIBOBJS and *.Po
Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 03:22:30 -0400
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So I've done some digging into the *.Po problem I mentioned the other day.

I get the following warning message:

libntp/ required file `libntp/*.c' not found

and line 18 is:

libntp/ = @LIBOBJS@

The only other place that LIBOBJS is mentioned is the following lines late
in my

# This is necessary so that .o files in LIBOBJS are also built via
# the ANSI2KNR-filtering rules.
LIBOBJS=`echo $LIBOBJS|sed 's/\.o /\$U.o /g;s/\.o$/\$U.o/'`

I haven't checked to see if this hack is still needed.

Anyway, there is no other use of LIBOBJS; it's only touched by

Any ideas on what is causing this?

FWIW, this seems to have been going on for a while - anybody who has a
version of the NTP sources made within the last few years should be able to
see this.

I'm using automake-1.5 now, if it matters.


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