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Re: autopack

From: Christophe Tronche
Subject: Re: autopack
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 00:16:00 +0100
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> Christophe, I've read your message:
> I'm very interested in your work. 
> I hope AUTOPACK branch is established in automake CVS repository.
> Any objection?

I won't object to it for sure ! But the decision isn't mine.

> > So I started with RPM, a one I'm practicing a lot these days.  Michael
> > Sweet's EPM packager may have been a much better choice.
> Great idea.
> How could I contribute?

At least in two ways:

1) if you've some time in your hands (ok, I know you don't. Neither do
   I !), give it a try and tell me anything that may have went wrong;

2) Also tell what you think may be interesting to add or change.

> Should I send a bug report if I found a bug in autopack?

Sure !

> Masatake YAMATO

Christophe Tronche      address@hidden

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