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Newbie: Shared library with subdirs & convenience libs

From: Αλέξανδρος Καρυπίδης (Alexandros Karypidis)
Subject: Newbie: Shared library with subdirs & convenience libs
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 14:11:19 +0200

I am trying to understand how convenience libriaries work.  Using the dir 
structure "project/src/libX", where X is 1 & 2, I want to create 2 
convenience libraries in project/src/lib1 & project/src/lib2, then merge them 
into a shared library in project/src.  So I wrote the following 3

in project/src/lib1:
libgoodbye1_la_SOURCES = goodbye1.c

in project/src/lib2:
libgoodbye2_la_SOURCES = goodbye2.c

in project/src:
SUBDIRS = lib1 lib2 .
libgather_la_LDADD = lib1/ lib2/

The problem is that automake now complains with:

"src/ use `libgather_la_LIBADD', not `libgather_la_LDADD'"

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