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Re: Newbie: Shared library with subdirs & convenience libs

From: Αλέξανδρος Καρυπίδης (Alexandros Karypidis)
Subject: Re: Newbie: Shared library with subdirs & convenience libs
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 16:53:41 +0200

> I'm not distinguishing between dynamic & static. Libraries are libraries.

I suppose you are correct.  That's supposed to be the whole purpose of 
libtool after all.  Anyway, as you suggested, I'm focusing on:

libgather_la_LIBADD = lib1/ lib2/

Now, the only relevant difference in my compared to your example 
was the use of AC_PROG_LIBTOOL instead of AM_PROG_LIBTOOL, which I corrected, 
and still during the final make:

make[2]: Entering directory `/offline/MyWork/Code/C/gnu_build_sys/src'
rpath /tmp/k/lib   lib1/ lib2/
make[2]: rpath: Command not found
make[2]: [] Error 127 (ignored)
What is rpath, really?  I've never come across it before.  In the autobook it 
appears as if it is just a parameter for libtool which confines searching for 
dynamic libraries in a particular directory.  Why does the Makefile try to 
call it as a program/script?

All this when I am in the following situation (to make things clear): ---------------
AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE(hello, 1.0)
AC_OUTPUT(Makefile src/Makefile src/prog/Makefile src/lib1/Makefile 
src/lib2/Makefile) -----------------
SUBDIRS = src .

src/ -------------
SUBDIRS = lib1 lib2 .
libgather_la_SOURCES =
libgather_la_LIBADD = lib1/ lib2/

src/lib1/ -------------
libgoodbye1_la_SOURCES = goodbye1.c

src/lib2/ -------------
libgoodbye1_la_SOURCES = goodbye2.c

It's just a couple of files, I know, but I can't seem to get this thing 
rolling! :-(

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