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RE: GNU packs with generated README

From: Ronald Landheer
Subject: RE: GNU packs with generated README
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 14:43:33 +0200

Akim>> Please, promote autoreconf use for bootstrapping.  That way, we
Akim>> will be reported more cases, more bugs etc. which is always a 
Akim>> good thing.  In addition, in the future, if we add new people in 
Akim>> the build system (such as the replacement of aclocal), although 
Akim>> the actual chain of commands will have changed, the autoreconf 
Akim>> call will remain constant.
Ronald> The problem with autoreconf is that I loose control over the
Ronald> reconf process, which gets me stuck with this problem and no
Ronald> way to work around it without calling autoreconf from a
Ronald> bootstrap script..
Akim>Sorry, I don't understand what you mean :(
What I mean is that autoreconf automatically executes anything that 
needs executing - just like the bootstrap script. The big difference 
between autoreconf and a bootstrap script is that I write the bootstrap 
script, and can thus take my own decisions as to what it will execute. 
If I use autoreconf, I leave those decisions to the people who developed 
autoreconf, who may be right in most cases, but not in the case where I 
have to work around a bug in Automake - such as the fact that it refuses 
to work if README is not there, even though README is generated.

Using autoreconf leaves me without any way to work around this problem, 
unless I make a bootstrap script anyway (calling `touch README` before 
autoreconf to make the problem disappear).

I agree that generally, autoreconf is the tool to use for bootstrapping, 
especially if you have a GNU pack that depends only on the autotools for 
its bootstrapping, but in my particular case, autoreconf would get me 
stuck on a problem.



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