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Re: GNU packs with generated README

From: Akim Demaille
Subject: Re: GNU packs with generated README
Date: 09 Sep 2002 09:57:10 +0200
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| An obvious, though not very elegant, solution would be to bootstrap like
| this instead:
| --
| #!/bin/sh
| noreadme=
| test -f README || noreadme=yes
| test x$noreadme = x || touch README
| set -x
| aclocal
| autoheader
| automake -i --add-missing --copy
| set +x
| test x$noreadme = x || rm README

Please, promote autoreconf use for bootstrapping.  That way, we will
be reported more cases, more bugs etc. which is always a good thing.
In addition, in the future, if we add new people in the build system
(such as the replacement of aclocal), although the actual chain of
commands will have changed, the autoreconf call will remain constant.

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