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automake and subdirectories

From: Nicholas Kidd
Subject: automake and subdirectories
Date: Mon, 16 Sep 2002 18:20:12 -0500
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I was wondering what the proper was to set up files in a
directory layout like so:

   proj.c               <-- contains main
   machine_dep_dir/     <-- contains machine dependent code
                            will reference machine independent code
   machine_indep_dir/   <-- like it says, machine independent.

I have read the online docs and it seems that the right thing to do is
build a library.  But why not just build all the needed files
into one binary app?  In more general, how do you make subdirectories for
your project's code-layout that conform to logical boundaries ( but
logical section 1 may include that of section 2 and vice versa ) and
not spend the time building a library?
If it is not a waste to create libraries and then combine those with
the top level source file then that is fine.  I just thought there
might be some way to tell automake something like this:

"Every .cpp file in subdirs x,y,z should be compiled and linked into this

-Nick Kidd

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