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Automake 1.6d available (beta for Automake 1.7)

From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz
Subject: Automake 1.6d available (beta for Automake 1.7)
Date: 18 Sep 2002 23:23:59 +0200
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Here is a snapshot of the current development version of Automake.
This should become Automake 1.7 *soon*.  How soon will depends on
the feedback we get on this beta.

Please get it, install it, test it, torture it.

Please report any issue by mail to <address@hidden>,
or (preferred) using the form at

Please SHOUT LOUD if your package works with Automake 1.6.3 but
doesn't with 1.6d.

You can find this snapshot here:

Here are the news since 1.6.
(The `|' on the left indicates a change since the last snapshot, 1.6b.)

 New in 1.6d:
|* Autoconf 2.54 is required.
 * `aclocal' and `automake' will no longer warn about obsolete
   configure macros.  This is done by `autoconf -Wobsolete'.
   AM_HEADER_TIOCGWINSZ_NEEDS_SYS_IOCTL are obsolete (although still
   supported).  You should use AC_CONFIG_HEADERS, AC_SYS_POSIX_TERMIOS,
   and AC_HEADER_TIOCGWINSZ instead.  `autoupdate' can upgrade
   `' for you.
 * Support for per-program and per-library `_CPPFLAGS'.
 * New `ctags' target (builds CTAGS files).
 * Support for -Wmumble and -Wno-mumble, where mumble is a warning category
   (see `automake --help' or the manual for a list of them).
 * Honor the WARNINGS environment variable.
 * Omit the call to depcomp when using gcc3: call the compiler directly.
 * A new option, std-options, tests that programs support --help and --version
   when `make installcheck' is run.  This is enabled by --gnits.
 * Texinfo rules now support the `ps' and `pdf' targets.
|* Info files are now created in the build directory, not the source directory.
|* info_TEXINFOS supports files in subdirectories (this requires Texinfo 4.1
|  or greater).
 * `make distcheck' will enforce DESTDIR support by attempting
   a DESTDIR install.
 * `+=' can be used in conditionals, even if the augmented variable
   was defined for another condition.
|* Makefile fragments (inserted with `include') are always distributed.
 * Use Autoconf's --trace interface to inspect and get
   a more accurate view of it.
|* Add support for extending aclocal's default macro search path
|  using a `dirlist' file within the aclocal directory.
 * automake --output-dir is deprecated.
 * Many bug fixes.

 - Akim, Alexandre, and Tom

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