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Status of Java support and Guile conversion?

From: Roland Besserer
Subject: Status of Java support and Guile conversion?
Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 16:53:53 -0700
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I am increasingly working on projects that are either all Java or have a major Java component. Particularly in mixed environments, with a lot of Java code, native components written in C/C++, test environments using expect or guile, etc. setting up build and release environments becomes increasing difficult.

I have done a few searches to ascertain the state of Java support for the automake/autoconf tools which have been, in the past, difficult to use in a Java or mixed environment (we're mostly using Jam, right now). Although I have seen some activity it's unclear if there is any type of focused effort under way to fully integrate Java builds and what that status of that effort is - specifically, is there anything out there that we could try our hands on.

During the searches I also came across a remark along the lines that autoconf/automake would be re-written in Guile. Didn't find anything else, but that is pretty exciting. I'm currently fixing and extending the old greg library (sort of a simple expect for Guile) to run with the latest Guile release and drive our automated test suite. Anyone have any info on this effort?



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