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From: johnson elendu
Subject: REPLY
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 03:29:34 -0700


Attn: sir, 

Permit me to introduce myself to you, My name is Johnson Elendu., I am one of 
the Senior Managers in the bank I work for (Union Bank, Nigeria PLC) and I work 
under the Director of Foreign Exchange Operations (International Remittance). I 
am contacting Yo

u presently because I need your urgent assistance in a business transaction 
that will be of immense benefit to both of us. 
I have the immediate need to transfer some money that has long been 
declared "UNCLAIMED" by the chairman and some members of the board of 
directors of our bank. The money is the closing balance of one of our best 
customers ever, Late Engr. CHAW, I was his personal account officer just before 
he died in the ADC plane crash of 1996 in Nigeria. 
Engr. CHAW an American citizen was a contractor with the 
Federal Government of Nigeria, he supplied and installed equipment and his 
company Creek land Contractors completed some of the best construction 
contracts in the country. His closing balance in the Bank, Union Bank of 
Nigeria PLC (US$40.Million) has bee

n tagged Unclaimed because no relative of Engr. CHAW has come forward to make a 
statement of claim. We have no knowledge of a next of kin. At this point I 
trust you can picture what the situation is like. We have strong proof that the 
chairman and the bo

ard of directors will keep most of the money for themselves and donate the 
remainder to a discredited military trust here in Nigeria. This invariably 
is an attempt to infuse more money into the acquisition of military 
equipment (arms and ammunition) for use in an already prostrate Africa. 
This of course, is senseless, hence my mission. 
My colleagues and my self have made several attempts at locating 
persons that could be remotely related to Engr. CHAW and we have been doing 
for about 4 years now. Right now I am almost alone in this enterprise and I 
have presently decided on moving the money to a foreign account. I am hereby 
soliciting your assistance and I will be very grateful if you will be willing 
to help in this regard.

We have access to most of what it will take to transfer the money. The only 
thing we do not have is a safe account. We will provide you with answers to all 
the security questions, which you will have to answer to move the process 
towards completion. We w

ill also provide you answers to questions that only a person related to him 
will know. You may however not need to make any appearance; every thing will be 
concluded on phone and email between you and the bank [UNION BANK NIGERIA PLC, 
LAGOS] for your par

ticipation you will get 30%, 5% has been earmarked for the expenses that may be 
incurred on both ends. 65%shall be for my colleague and I. 

I make this proposal in trust and in good faith, therefore, if you are 
interested and you agree to assist me then contact me immediately you receive 
this email, there is a lot more to talk about. If you are not interested, then, 
please, do get rid of thi

s email and please forgive me if this message has upset you in any way. 

Thank you and best regards. 


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