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Target-specific CFLAGS

From: Drummonds, Scott B
Subject: Target-specific CFLAGS
Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2004 10:38:55 -0800

Hi, everyone,

A couple of weeks back I posted my problems with getting an ancient
version of Automake to build two libraries.  Each was to use the same
source but one should have it's objects compiled with "-DFEATURE".  I
attempted to use the following setup:

noinst_LIBRARIES = normal.a normal-feature.a

normal_a_SOURCES = [bunch of files]
normal_feature_a_SOURCES = $(normal_a_SOURCES)
normal_feature_a_CFLAGS = -DFEATURE

While this didn't work on my old version of Automake, I was told that
upgrading to the most recent version (1.8.2) would fix this problem.  It
doesn't.  The second library is compiled using the object files created
for the first library.  In other words, "-DFEATURE" is never specified
in the compilation of the objects needed for the extra library and I get
two copies of the same library (with different names).

Where have I gone wrong?


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