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Re: use makeC++SharedLib or makeC++SharedLib_r on AIX

From: Tommi Mäkitalo
Subject: Re: use makeC++SharedLib or makeC++SharedLib_r on AIX
Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2006 22:09:10 +0100
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> > I have a C++-library, I would like to build on AIX with xlC_r. When
> > linking the library on AIX I have t use makeC++-SharedLib_r instead of
> > the compiler. Otherwise the static initializers are not called.
> >
> > How can I specify this? Or better: how can I fix my buildsystem, so that
> > it uses it automatically when needed? Shouldn't libtool recognize it?
> Ah, so you already use Libtool.  Could you prepare a small test case to
> expose the issue, and send it to bug-libtool?  Thank you.
Yes I use Libtool. But I'm not that familar with libtool, that I can quickly 
prepare a small test case.

Normally I use linux for development, but currently I have the chance to try 
AIX. I just unpacked my dist-package and build it. The library in question is 
cxxtools ( I think, it is more or less a 
simple case.

I try to find time to build other similar c++-libraries on AIX.


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