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Re: verbosity

From: Ralf Corsepius
Subject: Re: verbosity
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 08:21:37 +0100

On Fri, 2007-01-12 at 11:28 -0600, Jason Kraftcheck wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm working on moving an existing project to use autotools.  One of the
> issues that I've encountered is that the build process is very verbose.
> Due to factors outside my control, the CPPFLAGS used for compiling contain
> a very long list of include flags.  This results in the compile command
> being about 1100 chars long.  Further, as the libtool invocation and the
> underlying g++ invocation are both printed, the output for compiling each
> object file is 2200 chars.  On an 80-char-wide terminal, that's 28 lines.

You know to redirect the output?

>  This makes it *very* easy to miss potential important compiler warnings
> and such in all the noise.
I could not disagree more.

> I'd like be able to reduce the output to just the target of the make rule
> for developers.  Something like:
>   src/control/TerminationCriteria.o
>   src/control/InstructionQueue.o
>   ...
To me, using such Makefiles are nothing but an annoyance. I can't find
anything of such a behavior useful.

They do something in the background, but don't tell you what they do.

This makes it very easy to miss a package misbehaving, esp. with
autoconf'ed Makefiles and when developing autoconf'ed projects.

> Is there some way to do this with automake?
make > /dev/null ;)


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