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Re: Automake (alpha) release request

From: Sebastian Pipping
Subject: Re: Automake (alpha) release request
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2007 08:50:01 +0100
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Bob Proulx wrote:
> There are a number of projects that are also waiting for this
> licensing issue to be resolved.  Everyone wants it to happen.  But the
> automake team's hands are tied while the FSF works this licensing
> issue out.  I can only recommend patience.

Let me make an announcement here:

  If the FSF handles this problem also putting out a
  non-alpha-non-beta 1.11 release of Automake before
  2008-02-01 I will donate k Euros to the FSF with k equal
  the number of days left to that deadline, e.g. if Automake
  1.11 is released on 2008-01-31 I will donate 1 Euro,
  for 2008-01-05 it would be 32 - 5 = 27 Euros. Time is UTC+0,
  31 Euros is maximum, just to be on the safe side.

Maybe that's some extra fun and motivation.
Yes, it's not enough to move mountains but I'm still
a student - maybe it's enough to move a few people.

May the new year be a great your for Free Software. Cheers.


PS: Please CC me, not on the list.

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