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Regarding generation of binaries

From: Raghavendra K
Subject: Regarding generation of binaries
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2008 10:10:28 +0530

I am trying out with automake from quite a long time and am tuck at one
I have a program called dfe3
the directories listed inside dfe3 are as follows
bin, objs, lib
I want to write a Makefile using automake which will compile the sources
present in the dfe3 directory and put the binary executables in dfe3/bin/
and libraries in dfe3/lib and intermediate object files in dfe3/objs
As of now when I run automake, autoconf, ./configure all the files are
generated in dfe3 directory only. I am unable to redirect the output. I
tried changing the  prefix also but it was not of any help.
Please do reply as it will be of great help to me.
Thanks in advance.

Raghavendra K

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