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Re: blank line following trailing backslash

From: Jan Engelhardt
Subject: Re: blank line following trailing backslash
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 01:44:55 +0100 (CET)
User-agent: Alpine 2.00 (LSU 1167 2008-08-23)

On Sunday 2009-01-25 18:42, Andreas wrote:
>When you specify a list of files for a rule you put every file in a line like 
>    fileA.c \
>    fileB.c \
>    fileC.c
>now if 2 independent people add another file fileD and fileE to that list you 
>have a conflict because both of them modify the line with fileC.c to add the 
>necessary backslash.

>I think this is not nice. Is there a way around this problem? Can I do 
>something to make all file list entries identical? Or can I tell automake to 
>ignore this or only produce a warning?

foo_SOURCES += fileA.c
foo_SOURCES += fileB.c
foo_SOURCES += fileC.c
foo_SOURCES += fileD.c
foo_SOURCES += fileE.c

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