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Re: bug#8665: automake should offer APIs to honour silent-rules verbosit

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: bug#8665: automake should offer APIs to honour silent-rules verbosity from shell code in Makefiles
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 17:05:20 +0200

Reviving and oldish bug report (and CC:ing the Automake list now).

Reference: <>

I wrote:
> A relevant excerpt [from the manual]:
>  You can add your own variables, so strings of your own choice are shown.
>  The following snippet shows how you would define your own equivalent of
>  AM_V_GEN:
>     pkg_verbose = $(pkg_verbose_$(V))
>     pkg_verbose_ = $(pkg_verbose_$(AM_DEFAULT_VERBOSITY))
>     pkg_verbose_0 = @echo PKG-GEN $@;
>     foo:
>         (pkg_verbose)cp $(srcdir)/ $@

Jack Kelly replied:
> Yes. I think it would be nice to make a declaration or m4
> macro to generate this,

To which I replied:
> I agree.  The above idiom seems easy enough to automatize.  I'm not sure
> what the best syntax for this new feature would be, tough.

It could be something as simple as this maybe:


which would output in the generated

  AM_V_PKG = $(address@hidden@)
  am__V_PKG_ = $(address@hidden@)
  am__V_PKG_0 = @echo $(AM_QUIET_PKG) $@;

so that an usage like:

          $(AM_V_PKG)cp $(srcdir)/ $@

in will produce at runtime:

  $ make foo V=0
  PKG-GEN foo

  $ make foo V=1
  cp ./ foo



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