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make install-dirPRIMARY

From: fr33domlover
Subject: make install-dirPRIMARY
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2014 22:40:43 +0300


I'm writing a with a custom piece for building, distributing and
installing Doxygen-generated documentation. All the generated files are used as
values for the special-scheme variables, e.g. 'dist_reference_DATA =

Installation targets are automatically generated, but aren't very pretty. For
example, 'dist_reference_DATA' generates target 'install-referenceDATA'. This
is relatively readable, but when the destination directory part gets longer,
e.g. reference_full_html, it becomes somewhat less pretty, certainly less than
the elegant 'install-info', 'install-html' and so on.

So I had an idea - define my own pretty targets like `install-ref`,
`install-ref-html` etc., and make then directly depend on those less pretty
targets Automake generates.

The question is, is the naming scheme of those generated targets more or less
consistent? Is it safe to rely on it to not change often? If not, what other
options do I have? I wouldn't want to write manual install targets copied from
Makefile, since that would be dangerous duplication.

-- fr33

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