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Re: Creating a link with automake

From: Thomas Jahns
Subject: Re: Creating a link with automake
Date: Mon, 23 Jan 2017 11:59:23 +0100
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On 01/20/2017 11:21 AM, Bernhard Seckinger wrote:
I've got a program, that contains some php-script frontend (cli not web)
(and other stuff, which is irrelevant here). I've put the php-scripts into
$pkgdatadir. Now I'd like to have a link from $bindir to the main script i.e.

ln -s ${pkgdatadir}/croco.php ${bindir}/croco

To do this I've added to the the following:

    mkdir -p ${bindir}
    ln -s ${pkgdatadir}/croco.php ${bindir}/croco

When using "make install" this works. But when I run "make distcheck" I get an
error, telling that I'm not allowed to create the ${bindir}. I've allready
tried to replace the mkdir command with

    ${srcdir}/../install-sh -d ${bindir}

which is probably architecture-independend, but I still get a similar error.

Does anyone know, how to do this?

I think the SCRIPTS primary is what you're searching for:

Regards, Thomas

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