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Re: automake: cleanup and revival.

From: Mike Mestnik
Subject: Re: automake: cleanup and revival.
Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2017 17:33:39 -0500

On Wed, Oct 25, 2017 at 4:07 PM, Mathieu Lirzin <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hello,
> Mike Mestnik <address@hidden> writes:
>> Somethings I'v spotted that are driving me nuts.
>> Clearly indicates that "--color-tests=yes" is the only way to enable
>> color, there is no auto-detecting a PTY or any support for the
>> documented "--color-tests=always"
> The detection is done in the generated Makefile which invokes
> with the appropriate command line arguments.  Duplicating
> detection inside the test driver would make sense only in the context of
> invoking it interactively.
This is something important for me to be aware of, as I am planing on
making changes I'll need to understand the whole system.
I'll read now.


> Do you have a use case where we would want to invoke
> outside of the 'make check' context?
I just needed to know why the script and the documentation were mismatched.

> Thanks.
> --
> Mathieu Lirzin
> GPG: F2A3 8D7E EB2B 6640 5761  070D 0ADE E100 9460 4D37

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