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Re: [GSoC] Proposal for "Parse using an AST"

From: John Calcote
Subject: Re: [GSoC] Proposal for "Parse using an AST"
Date: Sun, 04 Mar 2018 22:46:40 +0000

Hi Matthias,

If you have any suggestions on documents I can read or software I can check
> to
> prepare for this project I'll be glad to check them. I know texinfo is
> written
> in Perl and generates an AST so I'll check that.

A file is really just a Makefile with embellishments. It seems
like your ast would have to incorporate most of make’s syntax to work

The reason Perl was chosen to begin with is because of its great text
processing capabilities as, ultimately, all automake really does is copy
the file directly to the output file, filtering out automake
stuff along the way and injecting make snippets generated from the automake

This may not appear obvious at first because many simpler files
contain only automake stuff. But anything found in the file
that automake doesn’t recognize is assumed to be proper make script and
copied directly to the output file.

I suggest making your ast handle non automake chunks as a specific token
type designed to be passed through without modifications.

Just a few thoughts for you to consider.

Kind regards,

John Calcote

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