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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Snapshots etc

From: Dale Seaburg
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Snapshots etc
Date: Fri Jan 12 00:52:04 2001


Thanks for the help.  That did the trick.  I would have never guessed
where to get the libc stuff.  I did download the binutils from
freesoftware, instead of cygnus, because I was at freesoftware first
;-).  It's the previous date snapshot, but it all seemed to build OK.

Do you or others have an example makefile and perhaps a test C program
that I could use?  I have an STK200, and a SIMM100 board that plugs into
a DT003 board to test with (both have 8535's).  A few months back, when
I just started to play, I used the STK200 kit's Windows 3.1 software and
ISP dongle.  I assume I can still use the STK200 dongle with linux? 
What software does everyone use to convert the avr-ld output to .hex and
then download to the target?  Or, is a conversion to .hex needed? 
Perhaps not.

Thanks again for the clear instructions.


Jason Kyle writes:

> Just tried the following:
> gcc-core-20010107.tar.gz
> ftp://ftp.freesoftware.com/pub/sourceware/gcc/snapshots/2001-01-08/gcc-core-
> 20010108.tar.gz
> binutils-010109.tar.bz2
> ftp://sourceware.cygnus.com/pub/binutils/snapshots/binutils-010109.tar.bz2
> avr-libc-20001125.tar.gz
> http://www1.itnet.pl/amelektr/avr/libc/avr-libc-20001125.tar.gz
> No problems at all, builds fine.  Tested it with a couple of programs for
> 8515, nothing unusual happened.

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