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Re: [avr-gcc-list] problems with linker

From: Raphael Assenat
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] problems with linker
Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2002 08:33:03 -0400

Hi, I also had problems building my avr environment using the latest cvs
versions of binutils, gcc, and avr-libc, and I followed the same instructions 
as you.

I could not compile some of my programs, I got a lot of linker errors similar 
to this one:

relocation truncated to fit: R_AVR_7_PCREL no symbol
objs/p1.o(.text+0x37c): In function `_p1_expand_data':

I dont understand what exactly was the problem, but when I replaced binutils 
by the latest release(2.13)(not cvs snapshot) and recompiled gcc (3.3 
20020924) as well as avrl-libc (latest cvs), everything went well.

I dont know if you're doing something wrong, but maybe you can try binutils 
2.13 and see if the problem you've found is fixed.

I hope this helps.

On Tuesday 24 September 2002 04:48 pm, you wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to get my avr build environment working.  I've got the
> latest snapshots of binutils and gcc (binutils-020924 and
> gcc-20020923).  I also grabbed avr-libc from CVS today (9/24).  I
> followed the instructions at
> http://savannah.nongnu.org/download/avr-libc/doc/avr-libc-user-manual/insta
> and was able to build and install everything without any problems.
> I've got a simple program, foo.c that I'm trying to compile for the
> at90s4433.  I issue the following command:
> avr-gcc -g -mmcu=at90s4433 -Wl,-Map,foo.map foo.c
> It builds successfully, but the start of the map file looks like this:
> Archive member included because of file (symbol)
> /usr/local/atmel/lib/gcc-lib/avr/3.3/libgcc.a(_copy_data.o)
>                               /tmp/ccgWgtvZ.o (__do_copy_data)
> /usr/local/atmel/lib/gcc-lib/avr/3.3/libgcc.a(_clear_bss.o)
>                               /tmp/ccgWgtvZ.o (__do_clear_bss)
> Memory Configuration
> Name             Origin             Length             Attributes
> text             0x00000000         0x00002000         xr
> data             0x00800060         0x0000ffa0         rw !x
> eeprom           0x00810000         0x00010000         rw !x
> *default*        0x00000000         0xffffffff
> Linker script and memory map
> /usr/local/atmel/lib/gcc-lib/avr/3.3/../../../../avr/lib/crts4433.o
> LOAD /tmp/ccgWgtvZ.o
> LOAD /usr/local/atmel/lib/gcc-lib/avr/3.3/libgcc.a
> LOAD /usr/local/atmel/lib/gcc-lib/avr/3.3/../../../../avr/lib/libc.a
> LOAD /usr/local/atmel/lib/gcc-lib/avr/3.3/libgcc.a
> This seems wrong to me because it is reporting the length of the text
> section as 0x2000 and the length of the data section as 0xffa0.
> According to the data sheet, they should be 0x800 and 0xf0,
> respectively.  The eeprom length looks wrong too.
> Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?
> Thanks,
> Steve
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