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Re: [avr-gcc-list] m128 can not be programmed

From: Kang Tin LAI
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] m128 can not be programmed
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 11:55:13 +0800

You didn't mention that was there any error message reported by UISP (I suppose
you use this utility), anyway, setup the main clock source fuse of the chip is
required before proceding.

Kang Tin LAI <address@hidden>

Sander Pool wrote:
> Folks,
> I posted the message below on one of the avrfreaks forums. Just in case some
> of you don't read those, here's a copy of my message.
> Thanks!
>         Sander
> ------
> Hi all,
> it's been a long time since I've posted but I finally got my m128 board put
> together. I wrote a super simple test program and verified with a mega163 on
> the STK500 that it works. My m128 board uses the 10 pin ISP connector from
> the STK500 for programming and a 4053 to multiplex the programming signals
> with the RS232 level converter.
> When I try to program my m128 for the first time it tells me that it can't
> program the device. I briefly see the reset LED light up, indicating that a
> programming attempt is made. I power the board from my STK500. Here are
> things that I measured:
> Before programming:
> - VCC and GND signals look good
> - No clock signal (this worries me but perhaps default fuse setting doesn't
> use external chrystal?)
> - PEN is high
> - RESET is high
> While programming (half a second or so)
> - RESET goes low
> - SCK shows clock activity on actual m128 pin
> - MOSI shows activity
> - MISO seems to show activity but I'm not 100% sure
> Does anyone have any ideas on what else I can measure? This is my first SMD
> double sided board that I baked myself so I had to redo some of the m128
> pins a few times. Perhaps it overheated?
> Thanks in advance for any tips!
> Sander
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