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Re: Re[2]: [avr-gcc-list] Experimental WinAVR/avr-gcc update for Win32 s

From: E. Weddington
Subject: Re: Re[2]: [avr-gcc-list] Experimental WinAVR/avr-gcc update for Win32 systems
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 17:01:17 GMT

> Hi Eric,
> Don't talk to me about time, I have exams coming up 
myself RSN. :-o

> I understand that some projects are constantly changing, 
but not being
> able  to  put  out  a  release  for WinAVR is usually a 
sign that this
> project  has  no  stable/unstable branches. In that case 
you are stuck
> between  "less  bugs"  and  "more  features and probably 
more bugs and
> brokeness" for users.

Yeah, trying to manage when to put out a package release 
that contains other projects can be "interesting". I pretty 
much have to draw a line in the sand and say "now". But 
there has been some major releases due "any time now" that 
I've been waiting on. Specifically GCC (3.3 and then 3.3.1) 
and GDB 6.0, and the AVR COFF patch for binutils. In the 
meanwhile, avr-libc decided to cut a 1.0 that will be out 
soon as well. All of these are Major Portions of the 
toolchain that are Good To Have.

> In  my  case I saw erratic code behaviour in my project 
and decided to
> give gcc 3.3.1 a chance. And no more crashes after 
> > If you're interested (and have the time) I would be 
glad of some help.
> Duh people have been trying hard to bog down the FreeBSD 
apache here.
> > Specifically:
> > 1. What are the info_fix (binutils, gcc) and 
combine_fix patches? Can
y> ou
> > send them to me as well? If these fix particular GCC 
bugs, which bugs?
> > 2. Are you building GCC any differently? (Patches, etc.)
> I  have  put  all  the patches used into the web 
directory. I've built
> toolchains for NEC's V850E processor at work and saw some 
of the usual
> "-O2"  stuff  while  compiling AVR's libgcc2.a, I'll 
rerun the compile
> and look for stuff that could use a little bit of 
> > FYI, in the next WinAVR release, I will have to use 
> > because of the AVR COFF patch written by Jörg Wunsch. 
Will the
info_f> ix
> > patch apply to this version?
> This  is  just  documentation stuff, easy to adapt I 
would say. Better
> yet,  help  Jörg put the patches into 2.14. 

It's on his list to move AVR COFF to 2.14 and to get it 
rolled in to binutils proper.

>(assuming you are a QUERTY
> user, how you got the ö umlaut into that email anyway. ;)

(On Windows, hold down the Alt key while typing in the 
ASCII code of the character, release Alt key. In this case, 
Alt-148: ö. Same thing with typing: Gruß, Alt-225 for the 
last character there.)
> The  avr_coff  stuff  is  NOT integrated into last 
night's package, so
> that  will need some work. I'll look into it, that was 
some unintended
> feature degradation.

I'm looking at weeks, not months, for the next WinAVR 


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