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Re: [avr-gcc-list] Migration from AVR GCC to WinAVR or new Linux avr-gcc

From: Goran Pufler
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Migration from AVR GCC to WinAVR or new Linux avr-gcc
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 23:42:49 -0700 (PDT)

but unfortunatly this is not a case. Let me explain history of this problems.
I have hardware which work just fine with old sw compiled with old avr gcc for 
The I decide to add some functionalities - store some structural data into a 
eeprom. I miss function eeprom_write_block, so I decide to transfer to the 
Linux version of avr-gcc. When I compile the code - it doesn't work - first I 
was blaming isp sw, then I decide make some tests:
I took old hex file and write it to the device using AVR studio and avrdude, 
and everything work just fine.
The I take new hex compiled on linux, and try on same hw with same ISP sw (AVR 
Studio and avrdude), and nothing.
Then I take old one - everything is fine.
So it must (or should) be something with new version, or maybe I made some 
mistake changing the makefile - but I only change SRC and ASM lines ?
I will try to change all calls to the outp and we will see

Brian Dean <address@hidden> wrote:
Also, don't forget that, by default, Atmel ships ATmega128's with the
M103C, M1ga103 compatibility fuse bit enabled which changes the
interrupt vectors, I think. Thus, if you are compiling for ATmega128,
but the M103C fuse is set, that will cause problems for you. Also,
the WDT mandatory watchdog fuse is enabled by default as well so
unless your code is resetting the watchdog, that could cause you
issues as well.

Brian Dean, address@hidden
BDMICRO - Maker of the MAVRIC ATmega128 Dev Board

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