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Re: [avr-gcc-list] What method should I use to get started?

From: M.Wetzel
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] What method should I use to get started?
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 00:55:57 +0200
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Tim schrieb:


I am having trouble getting started.

What is the best method of learning AVR programming
with GCC? Is it to just read through the avr-libc
manual and buy a C book? Are there any additional aids
out there?

After I've gotten started, what method have you guys
used to program a certain AVR CPU? For example, I
assume you make use of the data sheet for the specific
processor. But do you really read through all 300+
pages (at least thats the case with mega32) of the
specification? That seems exhaustive and boring.
Perhaps you could enlighten me on some simpler

Thank you...

AVR-GCC-list mailing list

In all cases of programming the "hello world" program is always a good start.
On Microcontrollers I would devide this in three steps:
HelloWorld_A would be a blinking Led, controlled by an Port Pin
HelloWorld_B would be a microcontroller connected to uart transceiver (Maxim232 et al.) to a PC HelloWorld_C would be a interrupt controlled Led blinker (e.g. Timer interrupt, or PWM)

But datasheet reading should not be considered boring, the interesting parts will blink in your eyes :) and the "boring" parts will be reminded by you for later reading.

Especially if you want to use AVRs to do your work, AVRFREAKS.COM is a great place to start, and some other forums, too (like http://www.mikrocontroller.net for starters)


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