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RE: [avr-gcc-list] Looking for bootloader

From: Larry Barello
Subject: RE: [avr-gcc-list] Looking for bootloader
Date: Mon, 6 Jun 2005 17:19:14 -0700

Here is what I am using.  Works well with GCC & AvrDude in stk500 mode.
Between the makefile and the source you should be able to figure out all the
magic involved.  I have modified makefiles to port this to three different
projects using the m128 and m16 and it works great.  Fast downloads as well,
even at 19.2k

Note: I don't use the C runtime stuff in this loader.  The small file
"boot.c" takes care of the C init that I need.  It is in a separate file so
I can force it to be the first thing linked and in the proper reset vector

If you want to get fancy, you need to re-enable the c runtime support which
will get you the entire interrupt vector table (bit in the m128), but then
your bootloader can use interrupts, etc.


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From: Michael Giambalvo

I have several avr's connected by an RS-485 serial line.  I'm looking
for a bootloader that will work with avrdude and can be compiled under
gcc, and which I can modify to properly handle talking over my bus.

I've found a couple gcc bootloaders so far, but none of them seem to
work with avrdude.

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