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RE: [avr-gcc-list] Looking for bootloader

From: Ben Mann
Subject: RE: [avr-gcc-list] Looking for bootloader
Date: Tue, 7 Jun 2005 11:54:21 +0800


I hope you do find one.

I would not automatically expect one to be readily available - RS485 is half
duplex and can feature timing issues in the driver control lines. If the
devices are on a bus you must have a device address packed in with the
programming data - this can be both rather application specific and rule out
common programming software.


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Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] Looking for bootloader

Sorry, I should have been more explicit.

I'm running on a short time frame, so I don't really have time to
write a bootloader and the programmer app for it.

My application can handle the bus logic, then reset into the
bootloader when the bus is cleared for programming.  The modification
I would need to make to the bootloader's code amounts to setting a pin
high before each transmit and low when the transmit is complete - a
very simple modification, I just need the source so I can do it.

As I said, I don't have time to develop the programming app, and using
avrstudio isn't an option.  I'm hoping for a bootloader that supports
the stk500, avr910, or somesuch protocol like that, and could be used
directly with avrdude (or uisp for that matter)

I'd be really surprised if such a project didn't exist.  I've found a
couple of bootloaders already that work with avrstudio.  Anyone have
any good leads?  Is there an open source port of the butterfly
bootloader to gcc?  I believe that works with avrdude.

On 6/6/05, Neil Davey <address@hidden> wrote:
> Isn't avrdude an isp? Not a bootloader type programmer?  I could be
> totally off the mark.
> My suggestion given this type of configuration would be to roll your own
> bootloader code and loader app.
> Then you can build the bus controlling logic into the bootloader. (ie
> for selecting which avr to prog)
> I'd be suprised if there was code out there.
> Regards
> Neil Davey
> >Hello,
> >
> >I have several avr's connected by an RS-485 serial line.  I'm looking
> >for a bootloader that will work with avrdude and can be compiled under
> >gcc, and which I can modify to properly handle talking over my bus.
> >
> >I've found a couple gcc bootloaders so far, but none of them seem to
> >work with avrdude.
> >
> >Thanks.
> >
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