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[avr-gcc-list] interrupt optimization

From: David Bourgeois
Subject: [avr-gcc-list] interrupt optimization
Date: Wed, 01 Feb 2006 15:32:20 +0100
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I have an interrupt which is called a lot of times but only really do something very rarely:

    if (sampling-- == 0)
        sampling = 0x7F;

The problem is that I end up with a lot of push/pop that just eat up all my CPU cycles most of the time. Using an inline function helped removing all registers that were not used by the function at all (don't know why the optimization doesn't do this already) but I still get a lot of push not necessary by the "if" and that I would like to move before the function call inside the "if".

What's the way to go in this situation? I thought of using a naked ISR and adding the necessary push by inline asm but what if I later change my code and the compiler use different registers? I'm afraid to end up with broken code.

David Bourgeois

asm output of the ISR with inline function call:
 334:   1f 92           push    r1
 336:   0f 92           push    r0
 338:   0f b6           in      r0, 0x3f        ; 63
 33a:   0f 92           push    r0
 33c:   11 24           eor     r1, r1
 33e:   2f 93           push    r18
 340:   3f 93           push    r19
 342:   8f 93           push    r24
 344:   9f 93           push    r25
 346:   ef 93           push    r30
 348:   ff 93           push    r31

 34a:   80 91 0f 01     lds     r24, 0x010F             ; if (sampling-- == 0)
 34e:   81 50           subi    r24, 0x01       ; 1
 350:   80 93 0f 01     sts     0x010F, r24
 354:   88 23           and     r24, r24
 356:   51 f5           brne    .+84            ; 0x3ac <__vector_16+0x78>

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