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RE: [avr-gcc-list] Makefile problem and solution

From: Schwichtenberg, Knut
Subject: RE: [avr-gcc-list] Makefile problem and solution
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 08:44:21 +0200

Hi Dave, 

> Hmmm. I'm using hand-coded makefiles, by my dependency files only have
> relative paths in them. I generate them using this option on the gcc
> command line:
> -MMD -MF $(@:.o=.d)
I have not drilled down to the ground how the dependencies are made.
Knowing that makefiles can become complicate I took the simple approach
and let "mfile" generate it. So if you generate a makefile by the mfile
utility (either part of WinAVR or as a separte tool from Joerg Wunsch's
pages) you will see how it is working.

> Cygwin is trying to be like linux and not like windows. So it tends to
> following the linux defaults so that tools and stuff from linux
> compile/build more seamlessly.
My comment to this is a clear yes and no :-). Of course the are tending
to use "/cygdrive/driveletter" but not always and especially no all
utilities can handle this (try any gcc with absolute include paths). 

The major issue is: It was working before. I guess that updating my
Cygwin caused the problem. While compiling "remake" on Cygwin (which is
make-3.80+) it also does not add the HAS_DOS_PATHS. On the other hand
the make (3.80) from WinAVR_20060421 runs without problems! I would
expect the problem might be at the place where "configure" is
identifying what kind of system environment is around. I don't know in
detail how configure is created - I expect the auto-tools - and that is
where I would expect the problem.

> Only if you use absolute paths. My stuff works equally well on both
> environments, because it's using relative paths.
You are right and this should lead to an improvement of mfile to avoid
absolute paths and reduce possible errors.



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