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Re: [avr-gcc-list] __checksum

From: Blake Leverett
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] __checksum
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 11:25:01 -0600
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On Thursday 29 May 2008, trile58 wrote:
> I have been successfully porting the old code from IAR to AVR GCC except
> for the followings:
> extern flash unsigned short __checksum;
>    CRC_SUM = 0;              /* Clear CRC-Check of Program Memory (Flash)
> */
>    /* Checksum of Program memory  (IAR-Example)  */
>     CRC_SUM = slow_crc16(CRC_SUM,(unsigned char flash *)0,(unsigned
> long)&__checksum);
>     CRC_SUM = slow_crc16(CRC_SUM,(unsigned char flash
> *)&zero,sizeof(zero)); /* call with two 0 bytes for the correct calculation
> of crc */
> I had flash changed to PROGMEM as instructed in the porting document.
> However, I got an error "undefined reference to __checksum" . From Porting
> from IAR to AVR GCC document, it does not list __checksum  is one of the
> thing need to be ported. I wonder how this __checksum gets created and
> where it is located.  Please advice.
> Thanks

It looks like the problem is the "flash" keyword.  Avr-gcc handles flash 
differently from IAR - so more is needed than just a keyword change.  The 
__checksum name is just a variable name, so I think that the flash keyword is 
where the compiler is losing track.

Be sure you are including <avr/pgmspace.h>, and you may want to place the 
PROGMEM keyword later in the line:

extern unsigned short PROGMEM __checksum;

One disturbing thing is that __checksum is declared but not assigned any 
value. This may be causing gcc to not compile the line correctly and silently 
drop the __checksum keyword.  Maybe you could find out where __checksum is 
really declared, and make sure that __checksum is declared properly with 
PROGMEM, and that it is set in that declaration to a real value.

I am not sure that you need the PROGMEM keyword in the extern declaration 
above, though I don't think it hurts.

Also, in the slow_crc16() function, make sure that you call pgm_read_byte() or 
pgm_read_word() as necessary.  You cannot simply say

uint16_t a = __checksum;

you have to use

uint16_t a = pgm_read_word(&__checksum);

Or something like that.


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