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Re: [avr-gcc-list] A few basic doubts regarding installing AVR-GCC on Fe

From: Blake Leverett
Subject: Re: [avr-gcc-list] A few basic doubts regarding installing AVR-GCC on Fedora 9
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 11:01:52 -0600
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You can get the current WinAVR patches from the winavr sourceforge page.  Just 
find the CVS link, and follow the directions there to checkout the patches. 

Note that the patches are sorted numerically by category.  The ones starting 
with 00- and 10- should not be used on  Linux, as they pertain to things like 
ruining the path delimiter and adding "C:" to everything.

There are a number of gotcha's in the current state of building the AVR 

- if the make of binutils fails, it may help to run 'make maybe-configure-bfd' 
in the binutils diretory (below the obj/ directory), and all run 'make 
headers' in the bfd directory (again, not in the obj directory tree).  Then 
continue building in the obj-avr directory. (Or obj, if that's what you 

- also in binutils, you may experience a failure, with the compiler claiming 
that you don't have makeinfo installed.  This is a bug with binutils, and the 
way I fixed it was to remove the makeinfo stuff from the makefile 
in ./obj-avr/bfd/.  Eric Weddington claims he has another way to make it 
work, but I opted for the quick and dirty way.

- When doing a 'make install' for these packages, make sure the path in your 
shell contains the path for the bin directory where the binutils tools go, 
otherwise the install will fail.

You will probably want both avrdude and avarice.

Good luck.  The toolchain build used to be a breeze, but it's getting harder 
lately.  Hopefully it will calm down soon, and you can continue to use the 
nifty build scripts everyone keeps talking about.


On Monday 01 September 2008, Eshwaran Vijaya Kumar wrote:
> Hi Bernard,
>   Thanks for your mail. Just a note of clarification. How did you get
> the patches from WinAVR 20080610? I only have linux. Do i have to use
> wine to extract the patches from the installer? Or can i use the
> patches from the CVS for the appropriate versions of bin utils and
> GCC.
> Thanks a ton again.
> Regards
> Eshwaran

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