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[avrdude-dev] Perl Illegal Operation Error

From: JLDSystems
Subject: [avrdude-dev] Perl Illegal Operation Error
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2003 17:10:39 -0400

Hello Everyone,

I have recently decided to work on Avrdude with Eric W. I should first tell you 
I am a complete Unix newbie, though I have some experience with RSX-11, CPM and 

Anyway, I have recently installed Cygwin (default with the devel, doc, 
interpret and lib trees) on my Win98 SE computer. I have also received a build 
script from Eric and did a CVS checkout of the Avrdude software.

My problem is when I execute the build script it starts and processes for a 
while and then I get an illegal operation error window. The title bar indicates 
the the offending program is perl. I have also noticed that while executing the 
build several times the title bar will show perl in lowercase but whenever it 
is PERL (uppercase) the illegal op message shows.

So I guess I have several questions:
1. What is perl being used for?
2. What's the difference between perl and PERL?
3. Any idea why the illegal ops?

I have poked around at the perl faq and cygwin fag but haven't found the 
correct resource yet. So that said I would appreciate answers or direction to 
appropiate resources.


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