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RE: [bug #60575] Permission denied on macOS Big Sur

From: Marius Greuel
Subject: RE: [bug #60575] Permission denied on macOS Big Sur
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 2021 17:14:59 +0100

> If I use the Avrdude version that's bundled with Arduino IDE
> (https://github.com/facchinm/avrdude) it works fine, but if I build my own
> Avrdude version from this repo I get the same error as Victor get.

Have you tried to build with libhidapi?

The autoconf script just grabs what is available, but it is not always a sane 
choice. There is hidapi, hidapi-libusb, and hidapi-hidraw, and libusb-1.0 
support as a fallback. I suspect that plain HID access via hidapi requires the 
least permissions.

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