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[Axiom-developer] NAG demo version of AXIOM - flexlm license?

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] NAG demo version of AXIOM - flexlm license?
Date: Thu, 7 Nov 2002 11:32:21 -0500


It has occurred to me that during our work on the
open source version of AXIOM it would be very nice
to have a previous operational version of AXIOM
available for testing and comparison. To that end
I have installed the Windows PC version of AXIOM
that was sent to me by NAG several years ago. It is
on a Cdrom labelled

 NAG PC/CD Software Collection Edition 5
 PCCD/5 September 1999

I am able to install AXIOM successfully under
Windows XP after copying the install directory
to hard disk and setting NT compatibility mode on
the setup program, but when I run AXIOM, it is
looking for a flexlm license.dat file. The demo
arrangement was that you could ask NAG to send you
a license file by email that was valid for 30 days.
Of course I don't have such a file and therefore
AXIOM (or more specifically, "techexpl.exe") refuses
to run. I get a similar message when I try to run
the TTY interface version).

BTW, what interface is included in the version of
AXIOM with which we will be working?

Anyway, I was wondering if your relationship with
the people at NAG is "flex"ible enough that it would
be possible to ask someone there for a valid license
file? I understand, of course that NAG no longer
supports AXIOM as a product, but perhaps they are
sympathetic to the open source development project?

I don't suppose it would be particularly easy (or
legal) to try to hack around the flex license check...
I was thinking that perhaps it would be possible
to find an old or revised version of techexpl.exe that
does not do this license check and would still be
compatible with the rest of AXIOM. Howe ever I am not
sufficiently familiar with how the interface between
techexplorer and AXIOM works (used to work?). There is
apparently a new version of techexplorer available for
IBM which runs as a browser plug-in. I presume that this
new version would not be compatible with AXIOM, right?

What do you think?


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