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[Axiom-developer] RE: making ccl on cygwin

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: making ccl on cygwin
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 18:00:55 -0500


I've succeded in building CCL and am now working
on GCL. GCL should be easier, I hope.

On Friday, November 15, 2002 8:51 PM you wrote:
> Two possible directions:
> First, I'm told that Cygwin has been replaced with
> native code that runs directly in Windows which, of
> course, would require that you redo your whole
> environment and seems a bit extreme.

Although I am willing to work towards a direct Windows
implementation of Axiom, I think the "half-way" point
represented by Cygwin is a better target at this
point - not too far away from Linux but far enough
to represent some (but hopefully not too many)

> Second, I believe that rpc is used for the graphics
> but I'm not certain yet. If you have changes you'd
> like to propose the best current path to follow would
> be to:
> (1) modify the .pamphlet files with changes to the
> code and some paragraphs explaining what you changed
> and why.
> (2) surround any changes you make in C code with some
> flag like -DCYGWIN or -DBXP (Bill X Page). Note that
> I used -DTPD to mark some of my changes so I could
> revisit them later. Add the new -DBXP flag on the gcc
> lines of the stanzas that compile the changed files.
> Make a note of it in the Makefile.pamphlet file.

I have been able to retain rpc and will mark the few
changes that I needed to make to get it to compile as
you suggest above.
> (3) create a patch file that can be applied to the
> original .pamphlet file and send me the patches.
> Try to make sure that a patch implements only one
> "conceptual" change at a time. That is, it might
> affect several files but only changes one function,
> like rpc functionality. I've been making changes 
> also so I'm going to have to carefully merge your
> patches with my changed files.

Ok. By "patch file" do you mean the output of diff?

In the future do you intend to make use of the
"concurrent" functionality of cvs to keep track
of these sort of "parallel" changes?

> In general, focus on getting the image built and
> runnable. We'll do detailed debugging as we have
> time.


> I'm using redhat 7.2 (gcc 2.95), 7.2 (gcc 2.96)
> and 8.0 (gcc 3.1) Send me a patch for the compile
> flags change you'd like.

Do you feel like upgrading to the current release
of gcc 3.2?

It isn't necessary of course but 3.2 is supposed to
be more "standard" than previous versions.

> I should have the bootsys layer ready to upload
> shortly. Once we get out of the C code and into a
> running lisp life should be much easier.

I am looking forward to that!


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