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[Axiom-developer] RE: LatexWiki for free open source AXIOM computer alge

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: LatexWiki for free open source AXIOM computer algebra system
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 14:01:13 -0400


Here is a slightly more convenient link

> > 
> > (LatexWiki works inside Plone too. Great!)
> Neat!  I had not tested with plone for the 0.29 release, I 
> had planned to do some more extensive Plone testing for 0.30 
> or 0.31, but I'd appreciate any plone contributions you may 
> have.  It looks like fonts in plone need some work to make 
> math the same size.  Are you using Plone 2?

Yes, I am using Plone 2 and the latest Zwiki-0.30 from darc.

> When I was playing with it, I created a file ploneCustom.css 
> in the plone root directory containing the following::
>     img.equation { vertical-align: middle }
>     .latexwiki { font-family: "serif"; font-size: 16px; 
> background-color: white }
> Comparing to the stylesheet.css currently distributed with 
> latexwiki, I think it should be::
>     img.equation { vertical-align: middle; border: 0px }
>     .latexwiki { 
>       font-family: <dtml-var latexwiki_font missing="'Times 
> New Roman', 'Adobe Serif MM', 
>         'Nimbus Roman No9 L', 'Luxi Serif', 'Bitstream 
> Serif', serif">;
>       <dtml-let 
> fontadj="'latexwiki_fontadjust',0))" 
>                 fontsize="latex_font_size">
>       font-size: <dtml-var expr="fontsize+fontadj">px;
>       </dtml-let>
>     }
>     .latexwiki input, .latexwiki select {
>       font-family: 'Nimbus Sans L', sans-serif;
>       font-size: 12px;
>     }
>     .latexwiki code,
>     .latexwiki pre {
>       font-family: 'Nimbus Mono L', monospace;
>       font-size: <dtml-var expr="latex_font_size" missing="17">px;
>     }
> if you get this working, please send me your ploneCustom.css.

I added your suggested ploneCustom.css to the Plone root.
Looks quite ok to me. Does it look better to you?

I still get a grey/blue background for the LaTeX generated
graphics. (I am using MS Explorer 6.0 -- perhaps a cause of
some differences?)

> ...
> > I have a temporary patch that makes it work, and I will be
> > looking at a better long term solution. The problem appears
> > to be the way that Zope Monster handles the url rewrite for
> > the proxy ...
> Yes, I use fastcgi and apache.  The relevant parts of my 
> httpd.conf are::
> ... 
> this took some time to get working...  Note that zope handles 
> the authentication and the files /etc/apache/passwd and 
> /usr/lib/cgi-bin/Zope don't seem to exist...

Ah. I used to run Plone like that when I first installed it.
That would explain why you may not have noticed any problems
with the way LatexWiki generates urls for the images.

I found "fastcgi" it a bit inefficient. In the quest for more
speed and flexibility I switched to the newer proxy method.
There are now some good docs for this on the Zope site - but
there are also too many out-of-date alternatives lying around.

> LatexWiki creates PNG's with a proper alpha-channel, so all 
> you need do is modify the background of the HTML.

In the LatexWiki code I see that you use the Ghostscript
pnggray device. I am running Ghostscript 7.x on RedHat 9.
As far as I know pnggray does not generate "alpha-channel"
transparent graphics. To do that you need the GS pngalpha
device, no?

> i.e. in your stylesheet.css change::
>     img.equation { vertical-align: middle; border: 0px; 
> background-color: #ffcccc; }

I will try this.
> My goal thus far has been to make the math as seamless as 
> possible, not make it stand out.  ;)
> ... 
> I am also very interested in Axiom, so I'm excited to see you 
> using LatexWiki!  I use Maple heavily and have decided that 
> for my next project I was going to use Maxima, and in general 
> start using and contributing to it (and texmacs).  I wasn't 
> familiar with Axiom until I noticed what you were doing.  Any 
> words on the strengths/weaknesses of Axiom vs.  Maxima?  Any 
> references on this?

I also use Maple heavily and am active in Maple beta testing
for the new release. I have'nt used Maxima much myself. The
best place to ask about Axiom vs. Maxima would be on the axiom
user's list.


Perhaps Tim Daly will be able to add something when he gets
a few spare moments.

Bill Page.

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