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RE: [Axiom-developer] Axiom crashing in Zope-Plone

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] Axiom crashing in Zope-Plone
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 16:22:45 -0400


I am VERY HAPPY that you are motivated to do this! I would
like to provide you with as much help as I can.

I tried your program on the system
and it works fine. The program and outout is attached below.
As you can see, I only made a simple change to accommodate the
default location of AXIOMsys and the input file.

Although Bob McElrath has written separately about the issue of
programs that produce a large output, I don't think that this is
the problem since the MathAction axiom code already uses the
"fixed runCommand" (makeNonBlocking etc.) that Bob mentions.

Therefore I think the best approach would be to find the
meaning of the EXITSTATUS 139. I will let you know if I find

Bill Page.

address@hidden page]$ cat
import os
from popen2 import Popen3

axiomTemplate = r""")set output algebra off
)set output tex on
)set message autoload off
)set quit unprotected

LatexWikiHome = ''

axTinput = open ( LatexWikiHome + 'axT.input', 'w' )

cmdLine = r'AXIOMsys < %s ' %(LatexWikiHome + 'axT.input')

def echoWorld():
    """ external method calling Popen3 """
    p = Popen3 (cmdLine, 1, 4096)
    status = p.wait()
    out =
    err = ''
    if p.childerr: err =; p.childerr.close()
    error = os.WEXITSTATUS(status) or \
            not os.WIFEXITED(status)
    if not error: return\
           'Output: ' + out +\
           '\nWEXITSTATUS: ' + str(os.WEXITSTATUS(status)) +\
           '\nWIFEXITED:   ' + str(os.WIFEXITED(status))
    else:  return\
           'Error: ' + err +\
           '\nOut: ' + out +\
           '\nWEXITSTATUS:' + str(os.WEXITSTATUS(status)) +\
           '\nWIFEXITED:   ' + str(os.WIFEXITED(status))

# For Zope external testing
print echoWorld()

address@hidden page]$ python
Output:                         AXIOM Computer Algebra System
                Version of Monday June 21, 2004 at 08:34:09
   Issue )copyright to view copyright notices.
   Issue )summary for a summary of useful system commands.
   Issue )quit to leave AXIOM and return to shell.

   Re-reading compress.daase   Re-reading interp.daase
   Re-reading operation.daase
   Re-reading category.daase
   Re-reading browse.daase
(1) -> (1) -> (1) -> (1) -> (1) ->
{1 \over 3} \  {x \sp 3}

                                            Type: Polynomial Fraction
(2) ->
address@hidden page]$

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